This site is for friends, players and staff of Star Fish Games alike. We are working on specials, new formats and more games to introduce coming soon. Players will be able to follow their progress here on this site and staff can follow their own stats and are able to earn tourney pages especially made for them. 

On May 22nd, 2019 we started our Stamps and Badges special. This is  an ongoing special and winners of specially marked Tourneys will receive the attached to that game  Stamp/Badge. The available Stamps and Badges will change frequently (approx. once a month). Collect a whole set and receive a "special"  Stamp/Badge. Once you earn  a certain amount of different Stamps/Badges in a  collection you will receive that collections "star" badge or stamp and  you may trade "doubles" in for Stamps and /or Badges from current and /or previous collections. Collect a total of 10 Stamps/Badges and you will receive a personalized page to display your  Stamps /Badges. Td's will receive a personalized page once they have completed at least 5 tourneys and continue to be active on the Star Fish Games League. There will be specials held with opportunities for players and staff  to collect other badges and stamps aside from the regular collection pieces.

May Stamps

Earn these Stamps from May 1st through May 31st 


Badge 1

Badge 2

Badge 3

Badge 4


Badge 5


Badge 6


Badge 7


Badge 8


Badge 13


Badge 9

Badge 10


Badge 11

get 11 of the 16 badges and win me


Badge 12


Badge 14


Badge 15


Badge 16

Winners of ANY "Stupid Bots" Tourney will receive one of

the special Stamp pictured below


*Stamp/Badges Disclaimer: None of the images used on this site are owned by StarFishGinGames.* Pages are in no way sponsored by Cases or SHG but solely by StarFishGinGames. Players must be active in the league playing in posted tournaments in order for pages to be created and maintained. (posting a win/loss and NOT playing in any hosted events does NOT count as being active.) If you are inactive for longer periods YOU WILL lose your stamps/badges and/or your personalized page and if you start playing again you will have to start anew. If you  resign or withdraw your  StarFishGinGames account you will lose your stamps/badges and/or your personalized page. Should you re-join StarFishGinGames and play in any StarFishGinGames Tournaments again, you will have to start anew. Stamps/Badges and the rules to achieve/keep are subject to change at StarFishGinGames discretion and the pages  may be withdrawn by  StarFishGinGames at ANY time.

General Disclaimer: Should you get boxed for any reason your stamp/badges page will be kept until boxing time is up. You are not eligible to receive any stamps/badges and/or prizes while in box and your page may not be visible to you or others while boxed. Should you be banned or resign from league all pages will be removed from this site and you are not eligible for any copies of personalized pages and/or Stamps or Badges before removal of such.

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